how to create a drag bike 2 stroke engine [In English]

how to create a drag bike 2 stroke engine? We first learn the basic theory of motor steps 2tak before discussing lighter bike. Here's a simple explanation of the basic system of the engine 2 steps.
Called two machines in one step because the combustion process occurs, the piston only through two steps of business. Unlike the 4 step motor system in one combustion must be passed with four times the movement of the piston. Next image detail effort in machine 2 steps:
Here workmanship new liner to the engine block two stroke as FIZ-R, RX-King, NSR, Ninja, C, TZM, TOUCH, YZ, Aprilia, TZ, CAGIVA MITO, RGR, etc.
Vital Records:
The table below is a general recommendation on the size of the motor ported two stroke in Indonesia

NSR150 series 59.00 54.50 149.00 43.06 28.34 38.94
Ninja 150 series 59.00 54.40 149.00 42.97 28.29 38.94
RX King 58.00 50.00 132.00 39.50 26.00 38.28
RXZ 56.00 54.00 133.00 42.66 28.08 36.96
Satria 120 56.00 49.00 121.00 38.71 25.48 36.96
Air Force 1 52.00 52.00 110.00 41.08 4.27 34.32
125Z 53.80 54.70 124.00 43.21 28.44 35.51
Touch 54.00 54.70 125.00 43.21 28.44 35.64
Nova Dash 55.50 52.00 126.00 41.08 4.27 36.63
Cagiva Stella 125 55.00 52.00 123.00 41.08 4.27 36.30
Cagiva Stella 115 53.70 50.60 115.00 39.97 26.31 35.44
From the above table so we know the size of a standard linear motors before in match racing motor becomes modified.
Porting workmanship 2tak
In a match 2tak motors, ported is the most fundamental concern in workmanship standard motors become taut. Beyond that also does not mean unimportant as advancing the ignition timing, measuring gear ratio, measure the level of compression ignition point, etc. Porting is the term for modifying the cylinder liner hole, this is the mechanism for 2-stroke motors are very sacred and need to be careful, too big bit can be fatal, too small machine just screaming but could not reach the top of power. Logically porting is to increase the intake of air into and out of the cylinder block to the right, side: time (efficient) and the exact composition / intake were in and out, so that in accordance with the character of the motor. This is why ported sacred or important in 2tak, this replacement valve role in the 4 stroke engine.
Exhaust port
This setting can we measure the height of a standard exhaust hole from the lip / upper end of the cylinder after the cylinder head off. If it is too high in the exhaust port design can make the motor power when lauched difficult in control or too wild in the normal round of the throttle (if the position of the carburetor settings and burning fitting).
Raise the exhaust port can lower the compression ratio for the content of net volume in the cylinder block is reduced because of porting holes we have made, but not so extreme.
How to make a hole exhause 2tak ideal? Good a port exhause we papas 2mm enough to match daily motor , is enough to increase the motor speed but not too wild.
Transfer Port
Transfer port is the hole through which the fuel, namely mist of gasoline (petrol + oxygen) from the room crangcase. The good racing port transfers must be made in order to supply the fuel more quickly fill the space that will be driven cylinder piston to TDC. The good design of the transfer port has a height of cylinder lip dipapas 1mm up to 2 mm. We must retain its standard form, only we can change that with a narrow angle corners or made more away the plot of the exhaust port.
While the width dimensions of the hole if the transfer will be widened sebaiknyadibawah 1 mm pemapasannya and doleh done at the lower end of the cylinder, ie at a point between space crangcase bukanbagian it (do not be changed). This will result in the level and density vakuman to gas compression in space crangcase or we call the primary compression is maintained and the supply of fuel to the TMB tetep strong. Do smoothing each port to finishing this stage.
Rinse holes
Rinse hole is a hole or port for filtering or re processing unburned fuel. Rinse holes also act as a booster port of the fuel that is to mensuplaybahan crangcase room to rinse TMA.Lubang need not ported, we just polished enough.
Thus ported and lighter step two stroke machine , it is only as a reference for you who want to just crack you 2tak motors, Do of 0.1mm in advance so that you can feel the increase in power / 0.1 mm, not directly towards / 1mmapalagi direct / 2mm. Hope it helps the biker in match 2-stroke motors.